What is a gluten-free diet all about?

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What is a gluten-free diet all about?

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Gluten-free diet

As is evident from the name, a gluten-free diet contains no gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley and in products containing these grains. This may all sound kind of simple: just leave out grain products from your diet and that’s it.

According to nutritional recommendations, however, wholegrain products are an integral part of a healthy diet. Approximately half of our daily energy should be obtained from carbohydrates that are specifically derived from grain products, vegetables, berries and fruit. In addition to being a source of good energy, wholegrain also contains many beneficial nutrients, such as B group vitamins as well as minerals.

As a source of fibre, wholegrain is virtually irreplaceable. If you eliminate grain products from your diet, you will lose a significant amount of fibre. Therefore, the eliminated grain products should be replaced with gluten-free options that are rich in fibre, for example, buckwheat, millet, wholegrain rice, quinoa or gluten-free oats.

Crossed Grain Symbol

If you do not have the time or energy to study the markings on packages, the Crossed Grain Symbol on gluten-free products makes choosing the right products easier. It is always a reliable indication of a gluten-free product that is safe to use, also as a part of completely gluten-free diet. The symbol is used throughout Europe and the criteria for it are uniform in all countries. In Finland, the symbol system is managed by the Finnish Coeliac Society. The purpose of the symbol is to ensure that a gluten-free product can be found by taking just one glance at the package.

For more information, visit your local Coeliac Society website or Finnish Coeliac Society: keliakialiitto.fi