100% recyclable packaging

100% recyclable packaging

We always use recyclable packaging for our Elovena products. We have designed our Elovena packaging to protect the integrity of our products, to reduce food waste and to ensure as minimal a burden as possible on our environment.

Our goal is for all our consumer packaging to be recyclable by the end of 2023. The goal is to continuously reduce the amount of packaging plastic with the long-term goal of completely ceasing the use of plastic packages. Already now, the majority of Elovena’s packaging is made from cardboard.

Elovena oat flake and biscuit packages are manufactured from PEFC-certified cardboard, which, among other benefits, safeguards the biodiversity and health of forests and the traceability of the raw wood material.

Clear recycling instructions are printed on all our packages, but we have also included them here:

  • oatflake boxes should be placed in cardboard recycling bins
  • instant porridge boxes and serving sachets should be placed in cardboard recycling
  • snack biscuit boxes should be placed in cardboard recycling and plastic wrappings in plastic recycling
  • bread bags should be placed in plastic recycling

Always check your local recycling instructions as well. When you recycle products correctly, you do your part to preserve nature and our environment!