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Elovena has been making naturally healthy products from oats grown in dedicated Finnish fields since 1925.

Elovena Gluten free

Elovena story

Elovena is an iconic oat brand from Finland. The name Elovena comes from the Finnish word for life (Elo) and the Latin word for oat (Avena Sativa) – and Elovena does live for consumers’ well-being.

Elovena has been making naturally healthy products from oats grown in pure Finnish fields since 1925. Elovena is here to help people make better food choices at mealtimes for their own and family’s well-being.

For decades, Elovena has been making naturally healthy products from oats. Now our delicious Elovena products are also available as gluten-free options. Elovena Gluten-free products may also be familiar to you, as they used to be called Provena.

You can trust the fact that Elovena is always the natural, tasty, and beneficial choice. Elovena is the most valued and recognized oat brand in Finland.

Elovena – Feel free to eat.



– responsibly produced food for Health, Heart and Earth

Raisio is an international company located in Finland that specialises in healthy, responsibly produced food. Our well-known and beloved brands are part of everyday life in millions of households. Benecol, an international success story, is the original expert in cholesterol lowering. Elovena, an almost 100-year-old iconic brand, is known for its healthy and tasty oat products. In addition to these, our well-known local brands include Sunnuntai, Torino and Benella. Along with food production, we also produce groundbreaking fish feeds that help to reduce the nutrient load in the Baltic Sea.

It has always been important for us to take care of the planet. In our products, the focus is on well-being, health, good taste and sustainable development.

Raisio’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. In 2018, the Group’s net sales for continuing operations totalled EUR 228 million and comparable EBIT was EUR 26 million. Our food is good for Health, Heart and Earth.